We are a design and build stands team for brands that want to create a distinctly different impact on the environment.

Provide the best of yourself with ISATIS or without ISATIS and enter the exhibition professionally.



Mission / Vision

Our advantage After 16 years of history, ups and downs, ISATIS, with the preservation of the world class, provides customers with the right price with the right quality to give their competitors the benefit of their competition. We would like to have the best performers during this time. Until the last time, with a unique customer-oriented experience, we are helping you build and execute your booth in a straightforward and inexperienced experience to captivate our competitive advantage to attract the attention of your audience, but an unforgettable experience. And do not miss a lasting impact.

Our way We create a memorable experience for you Start with your brand and your goals, then add it to the dramatic design and creative idea Forgive your brand or brighten your brand with the help of strong visual architecture. The audience is ready to interact with you. At every fair every ceremony anywhere in Iran and the world


Exhibition Booth

Exhibition booth design & exhibition stand builder What is the first point that comes to your mind from any exhibition? Naturally exhibit booth! Exhibit booth is the most important part of your participation in any exhibition. The pavilion is in fact your office, representing the mentality, brand, activity and personality of your business.

Interior Design

Architecture and design of decoration The design and interior design of an office, commercial or residential complex reflects the taste and attitude of its owners and users. The interior design of your office mirrors the entire view of your thinking and ideas and at first glance will have the greatest impact on your customers.


One of the new services of the ISATIS collection is the provision and delivery of supplies, equipment and materials related to interior decoration. Experts from the research and development of the ISATIS market, while analyzing the global markets, are continually in contact with the best producers and suppliers of decorative equipment, and the enthusiasts can safely access the latest archives and designs.